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Active Noise Cancelling

David Clark and many others are suitable for conversion to Active Noise Cancelling. This provides the pilot with a much improved listening enviroment. Engine noise is significantly reduced as is also listening fatigue that becomes apparent on long flights, damaging concentration.


The system works by the inclusion of a miniture microphone in each earcup. The signals from this microphone are fed to an amplifier circuit that then inverts the phase of the signal by 180 degrees. the two signals are then combined and the initially picked up background noise is thus cancelled out.

Flyer Magazine Noise Cancelling Survey
An independant review of Noise cancelling headsets by various manufacturers compared and evaluated.
Adobe Acrobat document [1'018.3 KB]

This is the rear view of the headsetsinc earcup insert showing the ampilfier circuitry.

This is the front view of the insert showing the miniture microphone in the center bottom, and the two speaker elements providing the cancelled output

The cost of fitting the kit depends on the present specification of your headset. Gell ear seals are mandatory for best performance so if you already have a good pair you can save this expense. Also you can opt for an auto shut off facility that will save on battery power, and a new cable that combines all signals and power in one feed, this is much tidier. Please call with details of your headset and we will explain all that is required and the costs involved. We never do any costly work without getting your permission first.

The David Clark ENC Story
Technical details of how Electronic Noise Cancelling operates
The David Clark ENC Story.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [620.8 KB]

Childs Pilot Headset Converted to full Noise Cancelling

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